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Benelli: perfection and Italian sense of style

The Benelli shotguns are unanimously recognized as one of the most attractive semi-automatic rifles of all time. Endowed with a distinct individuality and great recognisability, the Benelli 121 is the forerunner of the entire Benelli production range. A model that breaks with any form of earlier design and has paved the way for a new generation of semi-automatic machines: elegant, light and easy to handle, with a steel base with an unmistakable orange finish and carefully selected woods. The 121 is the rifle that brought the Benelli style to life. The rifle where everything comes together: high quality standards, perfect aesthetics and function, an unsurpassed finish and high-tech innovations. Continuous innovation, research, the development of new technologies and materials, precision engineering and distinctive design are the cornerstones of Benelli's philosophy. A philosophy focused on designing and manufacturing semi-automatic shotguns that stand out from the competition through their advanced technology, sophisticated design and unparalleled reliability.

Passion and Care

 Over the past 40 years Benelli has grown enormously and has set increasingly ambitious goals. Efficiency, innovation and professionalism are important characteristics of Benelli's management style and corporate philosophy. Buying a Benelli hail gun means that you recognise and appreciate the passion and care that underlie this unique technology. Elegant lines, high-quality finish, prestigious materials, warm wood tones and beautiful lines are all typical Benelli characteristics. Benelli semi-automatic machines are the forerunners of a new generation of hunting rifles. Benelli is now beginning a new chapter in its history. This new chapter is yet another chapter full of challenges, projects, dreams, inspiration and rewards. Benelli stands for 40 years of quality, technology, innovation, passion and authenticity and we, if we like it, will continue to do so in the future.

Benelli 828

A remarkable shotgun of recent date is the Benelli 828. It is a new concept of a lightweight shotgun.  This calibre 12-gun weighs only 2.9 kg. That is certainly one kilo lighter than comparable rifles from Browning or Beretta. And it's not just extremely light. It also has a perfect balance. Thanks to an ingeniously built in progressive recoil system, the recoil is hardly felt anymore. A particularly beautiful rifle is also the Swan. A hunting weapon that Benelli constructed on the contours of a swan.