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The Holland & Holland Way

Holland & Holland has been the heart of British rifle making for over a century, but its history is rather unconventional. The founder was not a gunmaker, but a London tobacconist, whose owner happened to be a clay pigeon fancier. His name was Harris Holland and he started building pistols on order in 1840. However, around 1850 Harris Holland was already a serious gunmaker and his success as a clay pigeon shooter attracted media attention. This undoubtedly contributed to the success of the brand. In 1860 Henry William Holland joined the company as an apprentice. He was an inventive, ingenious and gifted businessman, who managed to position his uncle's business in a grandiose way.  He filed the first of the fifty-one patents of the company in 1861 and became a partner in the company in 1877. Holland & Holland was born. During the rest of the 19th century the company flourished and in 1885 it was granted the title of 'royal'. Since then Holland & Holland guarantees the best, most beautiful and most exclusive hunting rifles on the market.

In 1893 the first factory was built and Holland & Holland introduced innovative weapons such as the 'Paradox' pistol and the famous .375 H & H Magnum. In 1930, the presidency passed to Colonel Jack Holland. He guided the company through the difficult years of the great depression, the Second World War and the subsequent crisis. In the last half of the 20th century, Holland & Holland maintained its position as one of the best weapon manufacturers in the world, moved to Bruton Street and introduced the 'Products of Excellence' concept, which sets new standards for weapons and rifles thanks to its excellent functionality. Holland & Holland also introduced a new calibre; the .700 Nitro Express.

In recent years, new models have been added, such as the 'Sporting over & under' and Holland & Holland is still a leader in the arms industry. A traditional gunmaker with a modern view on gunmaking. Since 1893 our factory in London produces the best sports and hunting rifles. Craftsmanship and technology go hand in hand. The craftsmanship of our gunmakers and ultramodern machines guarantee quality and artistry. The barrels are always perfectly forged: from rough forged parts to perfectly minted, nicely concentric tubes. With a Holland & Holland rifle, the shape follows the function. The flasks are made from the best Turkish walnut wood available and strictly selected for their strength and shape. The locking system is made of the best steel and manufactured using modern technology. Each mechanical part is made on the basis of smart and skilled designs which minimizes wear and tear and makes the rifles very user-friendly. Holland & Holland rifles are among the most durable weapons available. More than a century after they left the factory, they are still working without any problems. The Royal Side by Side is the classic shotgun of Holland & Holland.