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Winchester: an iconic brand.

Few brand names appeal as much to the imagination as the Winchester brand. No wonder, because according to historian Herbert G. Houze Winchester was the first American arms manufacturer to commercially build a rehearsal rifle with a locking system: from the famous 'Hotchkiss' to the popular models 54 and 70. 'The gun that won the West', that is how the Winchester is also called. And that has everything to do with the colonization of West America in the Buffalo Bill era. The Winchester gave the Americans an enormous dominance.


The Winchester Repeating Arms Company, often referred to as Winchester, is an American manufacturer of firearms and ammunition. The factory was founded in 1865 by Oliver Winchester and has since been based in New Haven, Connecticut. Winchester has designed numerous influential weapons including the M1 Carbine, the M60 and the Pump Action Hail Gun. The most famous model is the Winchester '68 (designed in 1868), a rifle in which the shooter could bring a new pattern into the room by pulling up and down the trigger-guard. This allowed him to fire 12 shots in a row. This made Winchester the first weapon manufacturer in the world to make large-scale repeating rifles. The Winchester 68 was the most widely used gun in the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Partly thanks to the many westerns, the gun became an icon.


The classic carbine, the 1873 model, was brought back to the market in 2018 in a new, modern version that meets all the requirements of our time, but still has the classic look. This is a shotgun that has been taken back into production in carbine, rifle and musket models. The stock is made of walnut wood, the traditional 'blued' side plates are striking and the loading mechanism has been improved. Also available is a new version of the 1892 model: the Winchester, which is considered by many to be one of the most compact, most beautiful bolt guns ever made by Winchester. 

Ball rifles

In addition to shotguns, Winchester is still an important player in the market of rifles for sports and hunting. One of the more recent shotguns is the Winchester XPR bolt rifle. This latest design by Winchester offers many innovative gadgets in the field of weapons. The box includes a removable magazine that accommodates 3 cartridges and the trigger system has a nickel / Teflon coating for minimal resistance to shooting and protection against rust. The synthetic pump has a matte black finish and has a shock absorbing butt plate. The brother of the XPR locking rifle is the XPR Hunter. An equally robust, reliable and accurate rifle, built for the next generation of hunters, in camo style.